Diversity in Animal Welfare

As a historically white, female industry, animal welfare is experiencing a new focus on diversity and TrapKing is at the forefront of that movement.

I think being a black man in cat rescue is rare, and my experiences going into black neighborhoods to trap cats have given me insight into what needs to be done to be more inclusive. We need to build trust. Black people think white people are coming in there to mess things up. They think they only care about the cats and not about them, so they don’t want them there. We can fight against stuff like that with unity and with working together. Most of the stress in cat rescue doesn’t come from the animals we can or can’t save; it comes from others in rescue – what we do and say to one another. I really want to push unity and working together.

The Urban Meaning of TrapKing

“Hey, man, are you selling drugs?” “No, but let me tell you what I am doing.”

We need to bridge the gap in communication and that’s why I am the TrapKing, because it means something to the black community. Whatever it needs to be – tough, trendy, hip – I’m going to be it so we can reach the people we need to reach. I want to focus on education and getting people involved. 

TrapKing talks about race and diversity at CatCon.