Get Help from TrapKing

I sure hope you know where the hell your cat at! 

And if you do, I might be able to help you trap it! 

Do you want to trap with the king? I’m mobile and I’ll come to you. Trapping cats is my life, and if I can be there to help them and you, I will. But I can only be one place at a time, so tell me what your cat trap needs are and let’s see if we can meet up and neuter some cats.


    We can't just go on people's property without permission. If these cat's aren't on your property, let me know if you've already talked to the property owners or if that's what you need my help with.
  • If you have photographs of the cats at the site, the condition they're in, what the site looks like, that's gonna help me a lot to know what we're dealing with.